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Best Body Hair Trimmers On the Market Today.

Currently, the use of body hair trimmers for trimming, shaving and styling the hair beneath the neck is becoming an essential part of an individual grooming regimen for quite a good number of guys. In fact, for that matter, an individual trimmer is a very necessary for any guy or lady such that they cannot live without. Nevertheless, there are many types of body hair trimmers currently being sold in the market. Today, there are waterproof and cordless models you can use in the shower safely. Majority of body hair trimmers are versatile, affordable and multi-gendered. The only problem is how to know the best body hair trimmer to use on which body parts and how and when to use it.

Of the several body hair trimmers available on the market currently, the following are some of the best body hair trimmer:

1. Remington Titanium Body Groomer

Remington titanium body groomer is a cordless body hair trimmer used for trimming body hairs. It is compact, sturdy and always ready for action. It is suitable for general use even though it can also be used for the back. Apart from being rechargeable and washable, it comes with a several options for body grooming.


· Has a vertical trimmer

· Extra ample foil shaver

· Has a detail trimmer

· Its blades are titanium infused which ensures durability, sharpness and strength


2. Philips Bodygroom Pro BG2040 Body Hair Trimmer

In regard to both versatility and quality, it is engendering the creation for a new type of body shaving and sculpting products.

Many of its qualities include the following:

· A 3-D pivot head

· A hypoallergenic construction material

· It comes with a five-length of adjustable guard

· It is waterproof and designed with a smooth, rubber handle

· A suitable unit for dealing with all the body parts

· An innovative recharger and storage stand

3. CruZer Body Hair Trimmer

This is possibly the slickest of all the body hair trimmer models tested. It has the greatest of all the trimming and shaving worlds. It has a sturdy, compact unit that converts easily from trimmer to a shaver. It is also mainly designed to continue adventuring into those body areas that are not easily accessible by the other body hair trimmers, without excluding the shoulders, armpits and at the back of the neck.

The other qualities of this model include:

· Dry and wet technology.

· Very fine three-comb capacity.

· Improved safety features.

· A smaller trimming teeth as well as a special sensitive comb used for private regions.

· Gillete fusion blades which are fully integrated.

· Push button which is capable of going from trimmer to shaver.

4. Wahl Manscaper Rechargeable Full Body Hair Trimmer

This is a model which is relatively expensive, however, it is basically a trimming kit/ it belongs on its own category.

Its main features include

· Has one trimmer head

· Has one detailer head

· One shaver head

· Each of its head can rotate effectively into one of the 12 possible positions

· Each batter charge allows for a usage of approximately one hour.

5. Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Remover

It is one of the few units on the market mainly made to deal with the back hair on guys. It has a maneuver extendable, very easy to grasp and innovative handle. It is light weight specifically designed to hold a charge for a long duration than the other models and is usually accompanied with several accessories. Its wide blade covers plenty of territory even as it is safe.

Regardless of whichever model you choose to go for, the above models will offer great quality and features that can fit perfectly well for your needs.

Why I Love My Beard Trimmer

Ah an underrated advancing technology indeed! Facial hair is amazing for men, great to use, easy to use, and they help us look our best. Loads of men sport facial hair these days, tons of celebrities, tons of sports stars and of course the general public, and we have more styles, and ways of styling them than ever before.

My beard trimmer isn’t that fancy, it isn’t one of the amazing vacuum beard trimmers you can get these days that I do absolutely love (and may invest in one day to sort out the problems when it comes to clearing up all that mess) but it does an awesome job. Adjustable heads to trim in different sizes and with different styles, I can bust everything from a five o clock shadow to a goatee!

I can’t imagine having to rely on scissors and a razor, wet shaving seems like a completely foreign concept to me, I need my trimmer. I can’t say how it works, in fact I have very little idea of the mechanics of a trimmer, I merely know how to use one! Advancements are happening all the time in the world of trimmers, and new models being released with vacuums and with lazers, lithium ion batteries, cordless models, the list is almost endless and they’re only going to improve with time and as technology continues to advance and improve. 

Yep, I love my beard trimmer, and suggest you should invest in one if you haven’t already done so!